Spring Disc Washer

Introduction :
Spring Disc Washers are annularconed elements having rectangular cross section that offers resistance to impressive force applied axially. They may be designed to work as single disc or as discs stacked in series or in parallel, either singly
or in multiples. They may be subjected to both static and dynamic loading and may have ground end surfaces. The deflection-load curve is nonlinear but depends on the ratio of height to thickness.

Spring Disc Washer

Salient Features :

1. They are versatile in nature as alteration of load can be achieved by using different combinations of stacking and / or by varying number of discs.
2. Total utilization of space, as high load can be attained within small design space, compared to compression spring.
3. Durability is one of the fine features, as a single defective disc. Does not result in downfall of the entire assembly.
4. Low cost of operation as failed disc can be replaced easily.
5. Longer service life.
6. Can be used individually or in-groups.

Raw Material :
As Disc springs are versatile, we offer versatility by using high grade spring Steel EN 42 & EN 47, Inconel and stainless steel for our discs.

Hardness :
The springs are processed and heat treated as follows.

Thickness (mm)
0.20 to 0.90
47 to 51
1.0 to 4.0
46 to 50
4.1 to 16.0
45 to 48
Note :
To achieve desired life, a positive stopper to avoid failure due to overloading, beyond 75% deflection is very essential. Spring Disc Washer arranged in stacks require a guide to prevent lateral movement under load. Guide may be located on inner diameter or on the outer diameter of the disc spring. But the internal guide is to be preferred. We also manufacture as per parties specification. Ref as per DIN : 2093 And DIN : 6796
Spring Disc Washer