Disc Spring as per DIN 6796

Conical spring washer covered in this standard are deemed to be spring washers designed for the use for bolt/nut assemblies involving bolts of property classes 8.8 to10.9 as specified in ISO 898 part 1. They are intended to counteract the effect of setting which result in bolt/nut assemblies working loose (see DIN 267 part 26). They do not effectively prevent loosening of the assembly under varying radial load and are designed for use with short bolt predominantly subject to thrust.

Outer Diameter
3mm to 200mm

0.2mm to 12mm
Disc Spring as per DIN 6796
1) Maximum size at delivery.
2) Minimum size at the test for permanent set as specified in DIN 267 part 26.
3) See DIN 1644 for limit deviation for s not exceeding than 6 mm and DIN1543 for s exceeding 6 mm
4) Test value for the spring force test as describing in DIN 26/part 26 have not been specified for this nominal size